We, the People of God at Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, labor to witness to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, our Eucharistic Savior and LORD of all creation; the Lamb of God who shed His Blood to set us free.


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Parish Organizations

House Of Prayer and Evangelization (H.O.P.E.)

Meets every other week on Sundays from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

in the parish hall area.


Knights of Columbus

Meetings are at 8 p.m. the first Tuesday  each month

Rosary Sodality

Meetings are at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month

Parish Council

Meetings are at 7 p.m.  the third Thursday each month

Father's Message

The Power of Holiness (I)

   I was in Michigan at the Ford Field stadium in the heart of Detroit city this past weekend to attend the

Beatification ceremony of Father Solanus Casey on

November 18, 2017. The whole world descended on Ford Field to witness the legacy of a poor Franciscan friar who lived a holy life just by being a doorkeeper.

    Father Solanus was a Capuchin priest from an Irish

immigrant family born on November 25, 1870. He was

the sixth of sixteen children of Bernard James Casey and

Ellen Elizabeth Murphy. Barney Casey Jr., whose

religious name became Solanus, had difficulties with his

seminary studies, and was asked by his superiors to leave

and maybe consider a religious community where he

could be a Brother. He prayed to our Blessed Mother, and

was led to become a Franciscan Brother. Because of his

continued difficulty with his studies, he was ordained a

‘simplex priest,’ which meant he could not preach a

doctrinal sermon or hear confession. At the Franciscan

monastery, he served as the ‘porter’ or doorkeeper whose

duty was to greet the sick, poor and the infirm in search

of material and spiritual help at the monastery. His

holiness became known as he attended to his duties with

extra-ordinary dedication. His favorite saying was:

“Blessed be God in all His designs.” His goal was to

trust God always and to be at peace with whatever God

wanted. He believed strongly that whatever happened

was according to God’s will. Even though ordained a

simplex priest, which some might consider demeaning

and humiliating, Fr. Solanus saw his situation as God’s

will, and he embraced it, and through it, became holy.

    Father Solanus is now Blessed, following the

miraculous healing of a woman from Panama in 2012.

Paula Medina Zarate suffered an incurable skin disease

ichthyosis vulgaris which caused her untold suffering

throughout her life. She came to the Solanus Casey

Center at the Franciscan monastery in Detroit. As she was

engulfed praying for others by the tomb of Fr. Solanus,

she heard a voice say to her, “And you, what do you

need?” she fell to her knees and begged God for healing.

Then currents of heat began to flow through her body,

and scales and scales and scales began to fall off her skin.

Several doctors have examined her over the past years,

and they have all confirmed she is healed. I met and

spoke with Paula; she is such a joy-filled happy woman.

She said not only did God heal her skin, He healed her

mind and heart as well.

    What is the key to living a holy life?

                   Father Christopher